Meet Cindy Chinn: The Artistic Alchemist

Artist Cindy Chinn and scrap metal peacock sculpture

Cindy Chinn, a Midwest-based artist, weaves magic from the mundane. Her hands, guided by creativity and a love for sustainability, transform discarded materials into captivating masterpieces. Let’s delve into the kaleidoscope of her artistic journey:

The Medium Magician:

  1. Pencil Carvings: Cindy’s intricate pencil lead carvings defy belief. From miniature cityscapes nestled within graphite to delicate wildlife etched onto the tip of a pencil, she wields her tools with precision and wonder.
  2. Metal Marvels: Known as “The Saw Lady,” Cindy breathes life into repurposed tools and scrap metal. Her sculptures dance between rustic and refined, each piece whispering tales of resilience and rebirth.
  3. Painted Dreams: Canvas becomes her playground. With brushstrokes that echo the seasons, Cindy captures landscapes, emotions, and fleeting moments. Her colors sing, inviting viewers to step into her painted realms.

Feathers and Fire:

  • Radiant Plumage: Cindy’s latest feat—the life-size peacock sculpture—is a symphony of copper, brass, and enamel. Its iridescent feathers mirror the sun’s dance, a testament to both artistry and eco-consciousness.
  • Phoenix Fire Pit: Imagine gathering around a fire pit that blazes with mythical energy. Cindy’s creation marries metalwork and storytelling, inviting warmth and wonder into your evenings.

Milestones and Musings:

  • World Recognition: Cindy’s work transcends borders. Her intricate carvings and metal art have graced galleries and hearts worldwide.
  • TheSawLady.com: Her online metal art store is a treasure trove for those seeking unique pieces that echo sustainability and soul.
  • Studio Space and Retreat: The CoC.com, her upcoming venture, promises a haven for artists—a space where creativity blooms and dreams take shape.

In Her Own Words:

“Art is alchemy,” Cindy muses. “It transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. It whispers secrets, sparks conversations, and dances with the universe.”

Connect with Cindy:

  • Explore her portfolio here at CindyChinn.com.
  • Visit TheSawLady.com for her online store of saw art
  • Follow her art blog for behind-the-scenes glimpses and the latest adventures.

Cindy Chinn—a sorceress of scraps, a painter of dreams, and an artist who invites us all to see the world anew.

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2024: Began work on new series of art created from bicycle tires and parts (Re-Tired Artwork)

2024: Exhibited at the Tadweer Art Show in Doha Qatar, hosted by the Souq Waqif Art Center

2023: Completed a year long project of a life size scrap metal Peacock Sculpture

2022: Exhibited at BG Gallery (Santa Monica), “Out of the Box 3” exhibit.

2022: Completed life sized Sandhill Crane Sculpture, featured in local papers.

2021: Featured on NET’s show “Nebraska Public Media News

2021: Featured on NET’s show “Nebraska Stories

2021: Accepted into group show at Hilliard Gallery in Kansas City, “Things Called Art”

2021: Featured on NET / PBS Radio Show, “Friday Live” in March

2020: Featured on “Good Day Sacramento” for my metal artwork, pencils and wood carving.

2019: Featured in Disney’s “Art Workshop” series on social media, video receives over 2 million views on Instagram.

2019-20: Exhibited at Hilliard Gallery in Kansas City “Small Works” show (and longer).

2019: Exhibited at the Scrap Metal Art Show hosted by the Souq Waqif Art Center in Doha, Qatar (Oct / Nov)

2019: Selected to design Nebraska stripe for national project, Her Flag 2020

2019: Showed at Gallery 9‘s Silver Anniversary Alumni Show – July

2019: Showed at The Grove – A Gallery – Feb-May

2019: Created many metal art pieces for Parc Animalier de Sainte Croix in France.

2018: Featured on Top Woodcarving Blogs at Toolazine.com

2018: Featured on Blogging.com for Art Blogs

2018: Exhibit at ‘The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures‘ – pencil carvings

2017: Featured in the Fall issue of “Sparks” magazine.

2017: Featured in the book “Creative Extremes“, published in October

2017: Featured in July issue of Home Review magazine

2017: Featured in Dollhouse Miniature Magazine (Mar/Apr issue)

2017: Featured in Nebraska Life Magazine (Jan/Feb issue)

2016: One woman show at the Minden Opera House Art Gallery – Nov / Dec.

2016: Created a custom theatre chair for Bonham Theatre’s Chair-ity Auction

2016: Rated #72 on a list of the top 100 Art Blogs – feedspot.com

2016: Featured on dozens of websites such as This is Colossal who were all promoting my pencil carving of an Elephant Family.

2016: Exhibited at Art House LA (Los Angeles) – Miniature Show – February.

2016: Featured in Woodcarving Illustrated (Winter-Spring 2016 issue) – View article

2015: Featured on numerous websites such as Bored Panda as an image of my carved pencil went ‘viral’ online.

2015: Prairie Winds Gallery, Grand Island – Two Honorable Mentions, 16th Annual National Miniature Show

2014: Commissioned to create 8’x10′ mural for community movie theatre.

2014: Nebraska State Fair – Awarded title of “All Nebraska Artist – Best Fine Craft”

2014 Prairie Winds Gallery, Grand Island – Honorable Mention, 15th Annual National Miniature Show

2013: Commissioned to create 17′ x 50′ mural for Children’s Hospital of the Kings Daughters in Norfolk, VA

2013: Commissioned to create a 4′ x 8′ mural for the Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters in Las Vegas

2013: Lincoln Art Fair – Voted Top Nebraska Artist

2013: Nebraska State Fair – Awarded title of “All Nebraska Artist – Best Fine Art”
(3rd ever recipient)

2013: Only artist in the history of the Nebraska State Fair to win the best of show in all three categories (Best Fine Art, Best Fine Craft, Best 3D Art) – Photo

2013: Exhibited at Nebraska Governor’s Mansion

2007: Commissioned to create a 4’x4′ mural, a 4’x8′ mural as well as 25′ circular ceiling mural for a dentist’s office in Charlotte, NC

2004: Commissioned to create 5 large murals, 3D trees and other work at the Summerlin Hospital in Las Vegas, NV