Here’s a look at one of my earlier mural projects, I created for a hospital in Las Vegas. This was for a new children’s ward, so it had to be bright and playful. Some of it was painted in the studio and installed, while some was painted on site. It also combines a mix of 2D and 3D elements. In one example, I painted branches and leaves, then built out some branches using plaster over a metal frame. I had a lot of fun designing this project.

Here are some of the completed, installed works (followed by ‘progress’ photos). I also did a mix of painting and vinyl laminates in the nursery and maternity wards.

Here is a series of images showing the mural project in its various stages. You can also see the Exam room, in which I built up some trees and added motion activated butterflies to help the kids during what can be stressful situations. Also the back of the nurses stations had maps of different continents peeled back to show wildlife (these murals were painted by an assistant).

Underwater Murals and More for Children’s Hospital

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