Here’s a selection of videos showcasing my artwork:

January 2023: Here is a short video showing the many techniques I used to create my peacock sculpture.

October 2016: This video is in Spanish – and that’s because it was made by a TV show in Spain! They contacted me to do a short segment about my pencil art.

April 2021: This is a more recent clip which shows the range of mediums I work in, as well as some of my studio space in Chester. Produced by NET Nebraska.

August 2023: Here is an overview of my Scrap Metal Art Phoenix Sculpture.

April 2018: Here’s one we made “in house” to showcase some of my work. I think it gives a good overview of what I do (which is a bit of everything!).

April 2020: Here’s a short video which focuses on one piece, “The Blackbird”. This is a mixed media sculpture with ceramics, metal and glass.

August 2013: This is a time lapse of a large mural I painted in my studio, which was then installed in Norfolk, VA. The total size is about 17′ x 50′ (5.2m x 15.2m), so I used a number of panels and would paint two at a time, them move them, take one down, put up a blank canvas – and keep the continuity going.

August 2013: This is a video I made to unveil my midi theremin. I invited “the locals” of our small village to the town Auditorium and asked them to wear black and white (I provided the berets). They weren’t sure what was going to happen, but it turned into a fun evening.

October 2019: Here’s a video I made to show how I make my saw art. This was needed for the Scrap Metal Art Show held in Doha, Qatar. I had an amazing two week experience at this show, and met a lot of new friends!

I have some more on my YouTube Channel, and continually add more!