*COMPLETE* Here is another one of my “progress pages” for a new project. This is a falcon on a stand, which will be similar in style to my Crow sculpture. I LOVE mixing up different media, and the crow is ceramic and scrap metal, while the falcon will be carved wood and scrap metal. The final piece will have a metal stand, with glass background, and the bird will sitting on a nest (of sorts).

This piece is available for purchase – and will be back in Chester in the summer of 2024 – contact me for more info.

July 25, 2023: It took me a little over a month, but I am happy to announce that I’ve completed my falcon sculpture!

Falcon sculpture from metal and wood by Cindy Chinn

June 17, 2023: I started with the stand, made from scrap metal found around my shop. Here’s a short video of it coming together:

If you watched and listened to the video, you would have heard, “I’m making glass for this” – and used some wonderful crystal plates for this. Of course, I had to take a hammer to them – but I’m loving how it turned out! 😀 Here’s a photo of the glass still in the kiln, with the four fused pieces, and the flattened plate I put in the center.

Glass still in the kiln for the stand - falcon sculpture.

June 19, 2023: Once it cooled off a bit more, I was able to shape them to fit in the stand.

Glass for the stand - falcon sculpture.

Ok – so that part worked – Whew! Now to finish the stand and get it ready for the bird.

Falcon wood carving metal stand

June 22, 2023: So much for the easy part! 😀 Now it’s time to start carving a bird. I had a few options for wood, but ended up choosing basswood. I like how it carves and felt I could still get the detail I needed. The body and legs of the falcon will be wood, while the beak, lower legs, talons and wings will be made from scrap metal. (so yes, please ignore the big beak I have in place until I make the final one!)

Here’s an image showing the bird after the body had been carved and I started on the feathers (there’s a LOT of feathers!) 😀

Falcon wood carving in progress.

And after a more days of carving, I had most of the feathers carved and looking like I wanted them to be.

July 1, 2023: Once I had the feathers done, the next step was to add color. I thought of a few options, paint, stain, oil – but decided finally on burning the wood. Of course, I haven’t done any serious wood burning before – but I had a nice wood burning kit I had been DYING to try out! 😀 So I dove in and started burning my carving! 😀

July 3, 2023: After a few days, the bulk of the feathers had color and texture. Not quite done yet – but here’s a preview:

Here’s a look at the progress so far. We’ll see how much I work over the 4th of July holiday, but it’s coming along! 😀

falcon wood carving by Cindy Chinn - in progress

July 4, 2023: I’ve got more progress on the legs and they are almost ready to have the metal talons added! 😀 More carving and burning, but getting closer!

metal and wood falcon by Cindy Chinn - progress

July 5, 2023: With the body (more or less) complete, I was able to create the beak from metal and finish up the face area.


July 6, 2023: And now onto the talons! I actually made one set last night, but they were just a little too big – so here’s the 2nd set looking better!

July 7, 2023: Lots of progress, I have the beak done, the feet and talons done, and most of the body done! Adjustments will comes after I build the wings, but now it’s starting to come together. 😀

I also have a few feathers started, These are the tail feathers (made from scrap saws, of course!) I’m not sure how many wing feathers a falcon has, but I’ll soon find out! 😀

July 8, 2023: As I expected, the tail feather placement was a bit of a chore. Getting ‘just’ the right angle and blending it into the body took most of a day. I’m now re-shaping the body a little to flow into the tail.

And here’s a look at the progress this morning – I really should get some sleep, but I’m SOOOooo close! 😀

July 8, 2023: I finished up the tail feathers early this morning (pending final review with fresh eyes!) and I’m about ready to start the wings!! 😀

July 10, 2023: I think (for now) I’m about done with the tail feathers and can’t wait to get started on the wings! 😀 Here’s a look at how falcon has progressed so far, with new body shaping and extra feathers underneath to blend in with the tail.

July 12, 2023: Last night I made some feathers and these will be part of the wings!

June 13, 2023: More wings have been made, and more to come! Getting close, and soon I can start building the wings! 😀

July 14, 2023: As night turns into day, I keep working the wings! Carving up the smaller ones and getting it to fit cleanly on to the body.

July 16, 2023: It’s been a long battle, but I have one wing almosssssst done. Then I can attach it and start blending it into the body. This has been taking me a lot longer than I planned for, but as I say, “It’s part of the process” 😀

July 20, 2023: These wings are taking FOREVER! 😀 But I’m getting close. They’re both attached now, and I “just” have to blend them in. I am loving how this is turning out, but am also very ready to move on!

July 24, 2023: Here are few more shots of the completed falcon sculpture.

Falcon sculpture wood and metal
Falcon sculpture wood and metal

August 17, 2023: The falcon was getting a little nervous in the gallery, so I made a hood for him. I bought an actual falcon hood, then modified to make it a little more ‘stylish’.

Falcon Sculpture of Wood & Metal
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