For the past few years I have been busy in my welding studio creating a wide range of metal artwork. I’ve had a lot of fun exploring the many techniques available using a welder and a plasma torch. I’ve also worked with creating new patinas to get just the right look on a new piece.

This page shows a variety of work I’ve created using up-cycled tools and parts I have found on my never-ending quest for “rusty gold”.

I am available to work with with you on your unique commission, large or small. You can view more of my saws and other metal art on my new website,

I am currently working on a life size metal sculpture of two peacocks. You can follow the progress on my blog via this link.

Here’s a special saw I made for the Scrap Metal Art Show in Doha, Qatar (it was the first piece sold there!).

Camel saw metal artwork by Cindy Chinn

I love designing buzzsaw blades and working to build depth and dimension to the design. Here’s a recent blade made, also for the Doha show.

Oryx Saw Blade Metal Artwork by Cindy Chinn

Below is a video showing my Crow sculpture. It is made from ceramic (body) metal (wings and frame) and glass (background). 24″ Diameter.

But I am known for my saws, which I have shipped around the world. Here’s a special design I made for Nebraska’s 150th celebration:

Nebraska 150 saw metal artwork by Cindy Chinn

I also enjoy working on large ‘yard art’ and signs. Here’s a piece I made for a local family using some parts which were found on their farmstead.

Yard Sign Metal Artwork by Cindy Chinn in Nebraska

When I have some ‘spare’ time, I like create my ‘SawFish’ and add to the series. Here’s a recent one I made (March 2021). This lamplighter fish is named “Geary” as you can crank his fin to make the gears move! The glass lamp also holds tea lights for when he needs to feed. You can view the SawFish gallery here.

I was commissioned to create a number of pieces for a resort in France. Part of the project was making signs to mark where visitors could see certain animals, like porcupines and bears.

Saw Blade Metal Artwork by Cindy Chinn

I’ve had a lot of fun making a series of “Barnyard Portraits”. I collect odd metal parts and put them together in to create this fun work.

Alpaca Metal art sculpture by Cindy Chinn

I’ve also worked with copper and brass – such as on this large 30′ x 6′ wall sculpture. You can see more photos of it on my blog.

Copper and brass wall sculpture installed by Cindy Chinn

Below are some samples of my metal art, signs, Barnyard Portraits and Saws:

Here is a selection of signage I made for Parc Animalier de Sainte Croix in France:

Here’s a video showing me on “Good Day Sacramento” – we talk about my artwork, and specifically my saw art when I auctioned off a fundraiser Fireman saw.