Wood Carving by Cindy Chinn

Several years ago, I bought a pair of old church pews at an auction. They were a little weather beaten, but still in good enough condition to do ‘something’ with. Eventually I found the time to start carving one. I used my old, cheap tools and slogged through it. I learned a lot about wood carving and tools and staining and four months later I had a special piece of furniture. It is available for purchase.

I still have this first pew for sale (below), but have since been commissioned to make some other carvings. Below are some projects I have completed.

Hand Carved Church Pew - Complete
Hand Carved Church Pew – Complete
Hand Carved Church Pew by Cindy Chinn
Throne of Grace Church Pew

Here’s a recent (July 2023) sculpture I made from scrap metal and hand carved basswood, I’ve also added a little glass and leather to make this a very mixed media project. It was a challenge, but I’m happy with how it turned out.

Falcon sculpture from metal and wood by Cindy Chinn

If you have any questions about my carvings or would like to talk about commissioning me to create a custom wood carving for you, please contact me.

Below are some links which will show the the ‘progress’ of these projects.

Hand Carved Toy Boxes

Wood Carving Portrait

8′ Church Pew with Crucifixion Scene

4′ Church Pew with Jesus Motif

4′ Church Pew with Throne Scene

Hand Carved Cherry Wood Buffet Panel

Here’s a short (under 1 minute) video which shows the progression of the wood carving of a toy box panel: