Installed Murals
Installed Mural

I have been fortunate to receive commissions on some large mural projects. Usually clients find my work online and call to tell me that my style is exactly what they have been looking for. They love my vibrant colors, attention to detail and professional work ethic.

I have painted a lot of underwater scenes, but my realistic style of painting can be applied to any subject. Contact me today to commission your mural for the workplace or your home.

To view my process, I have some blog posts which show murals “from start to finish” (these progress pages are created so my clients can follow along):

If you would like to see some more murals, you can view them here on my “Miscellaneous Murals” page. It includes a nice range of themes and styles.

Below are some images of my work.

First is my largest project, a 17′ x 50′ (5.2m x 15.2m) ceiling mural, painted in my studio and installed on location in Norfolk, VA. I’ll start with a time lapse video of my work on it, followed by photos.

Another fun project was Dentist’s Office in Charlotte, NC. This dentist specialized in children’s care and wanted bright fun work! This included a large circular mural on the ceiling over the work area.

Here’s a mural I did for a local movie theatre. It’s an 8′ x 10′ (2.4m x 3m) painted on canvas and installed on site.

This mural was painted for a new library and was to be the area where kids could sit and read. It is a little different from my usual style, with more of a storybook / cartoon look. The curved area was painted on site, while the side panels were installed after I painted them in my studio.

Here’s a residential mural I painted on site in St Maarten, complete with a Trompe-l’œil window.

Here’s a look at the mural in the Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters in Norfolk, SC, installed ready to great patients!