Here’s a few more murals I’ve done over the years – some large, some small. I think it shows a good mix what I can do with some paint and a few brushes.

Exterior Mural for Hardware Store (Belleville, KS) This was a mural I painted on 3 boards an installed onsite. It was a fun project working from photos taken inside their store. They had a mason cover over the edges of the mural and the effect was like a car had crashed through the wall.

Murals for Children’s Bedrooms (Lincoln NE) – These were painted on canvas an installed in place, with added trim and other effects to blend the painting into the scene.

And some more… Here’s a few shots of some smaller murals I’ve done along the way. I love to paint and work with a client to give them artwork they enjoy for years to come. I can adapt my style as needed, from a “cartoony” look to realistic. Although I’m known for my bright colors, I would love to do something subtle – and have one planned for my hallway (if I can ever make the time!).

Miscellaneous Murals by Cindy Chinn

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