This is another one of my miniature pieces.  I’ve taken a pocket watch, gutted it and built a scene that shows the terrors of the deep ocean!

The octopus is guarding his treasure chest, but Captain Nemo’s sub got too close and now the old wise octopus is forced to defend himself and his treasure.  It’s not looking good for the crew of the Nautilus!

The scene is constructed of polymer clay.  I used a clear epoxy for the wave (and added paint to it as needed).  I used a mix of oil and acrylic paint on the clay to get the colors I wanted.  This piece won an Honorable Mention at the Prairie Winds Gallery 2015 Miniature Show and tied for first place in Nebraska State Fair (Polymer Jewelry).

This piece is available for sale for $349.99 and can be purchased through my Etsy store:

Nemo Watch 09 open closeup

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Attack on the Nautilus!
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3 thoughts on “Attack on the Nautilus!

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  • March 18, 2017 at 2:36 pm

    You are an artistic genius! Your work is breathtaking! I can’t get over the details in all of your work, large and small. The Church pews were beyond words. You have been blessed with an extraordinary gift! May God’s blessings continue to pour over you. Wow!!!

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