I find that my style of painting works very well with underwater scenes, as I combine vibrant colors with a fine level of detail. I had a lot of fun painting these murals which were installed in a new dentist’s office which catered to children. The office itself was full of bright colors, so my murals needed to stand out!

Here is a look at the finished, installed work – followed by progress photos showing how they all came together.

Underwater ceiling mural by Cindy Chinn
It’s hard to get the full mural in one shot! 25′ diameter.
underwater murals by Cindy Chinn
2 murals designed to look like aquarium windows.

Here is an album which shows the progress on the 4′ x 8′ (1.2m x 2.4m). I also built the frames and installed it on site after painting everything in my studio.

This next series shows the progress on a smaller 4′ (1.2m) diameter mural. I made the frames from foam and hard coated them, then finished the frames on site after I installed the mural.

And the 3rd mural for this project was the biggest. It was approximately 25′ (7.6m) diameter and was installed on the ceiling over the work area. This gave the kids something to look at (and be distracted by) while the dentist fixed their teeth. I was scheduled to deliver the mural for installation and then touch it up after their team installed it – BUT – their team didn’t show up, so 3 of us installed it one night. Not something I want to do again. 😉

Underwater Murals for Dentist Office Progress

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