Time Machine Guitar

After seeing a number of customized guitars and steampunk guitars online, I decided that I needed to make one myself.  This was a fun project as I was able to use a lot of different mediums and challenge the range of my skill set.

I bought a kit online for a Fender Stratocaster-like guitar.  The first thing I did was cut the body in half!  😀  I was committed now!

From there I started looking around to see what I had to work with and add to the guitar.  I used an old pair of suede shorts to cover part of the body.  I used an old leather purse to cover the rest.  I built a copper and glass structure to use for the time machine meter that was added to the part of the body that was cut way.  I built a custom whammy bar from copper pipe.  I added a medallion, a sculpted face and other parts that friends donated.  There’s just too much to mention, but I had a blast finding parts to re-purpose.

Have a look at the gallery below of the “Phase 6 Time Machine Guitar

Custom Time Machine Guitar

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