Hand Carved Toy Box

This page will show the progress as I begin a hand carved toy box project for a client’s twins. The two designs will feature jungle scenes with one toy box having a lion and the other will have a giraffe (see finished “Josie” toy box here). 

Most recent image (September 15, 2018)

Hand carved toy box - Leo the Lion - Final

Feb 19, 2018: Below is a sketch I’ve made to get the project started.

hand carved wooden toy boxes Leo DrawingPlease check back as I work on this project and post updates!

Here are the boxes I’ll be working on.  The toy boxes were built in Chester Nebraska by RJ Woods and are made of oak.

wooden toy box - hand made
The first step in the process is to take the design, print it out to scale and transfer it to the wood.  Here I am redrawing the design with tracing paper under the big sheet.

Carving a Wooden Toy Box - DesigningFeb 20, 2018: And now the designs are on the wood! 😀

wooden toy box carving drawn designAugust 16, 2018 – And the carving has begun! One night of carving and a long way to go! 😀

carved toy box Leo 01 August 17, 2018: After two nights of carving, progress is happening!carved toy box Leo 02

August 19, 2018: More carving and get rid of the bulk of the oak on the carved toy box.  It’s inspiring to have seen the finished one and now I can’t wait to complete its twin! 🙂

carved toy box Leo 03

August 20, 2018: Another solid night / morning of carving! 😀

carved toy box Leo 04

August 22, 2018: A little further along, but now I need to think about saws for a while!

carved toy box Leo-05

August 24, 2018: I have carved more along the top of the carved toy box and slowing getting the bulk of the work roughed in, with some detail along the way.

carved toy box Leo 06

August 26, 2018: Last night I was able to get the right side roughed out – there’s light at the end of the tunnel! 😀

carved toy box Leo 08August 28, 2018: I’ve worked my around across the top and over to the left side! Progress!!! 😀

carved toy box Leo 08aSeptember 3, 2018: I’ve completed my way around the carving! 😀  Now with the bulk of the work done, I can work on the final details and get it ready for stain.

carved toy box Leo 10

September 5, 2018: Almost done!!!  I can’t wait to finish this one up and stain it… SO CLOSE!

carved toy box Leo 11

September 18, 2018: Completed!  I will be delivering these to the happy parents and kids this week! 😀

Hand carved toy box - Leo the Lion - Final

Carved Toy Box by Cindy Chinn
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