Hand Carved Wooden Toy Box Project

Hand Carved Wooden Toy Box Project

This page will show the progress as I begin a wooden toy box project for a client’s twins. The designs will feature jungle scenes with one toy box having a lion and the other will have a giraffe. 

Most recent image (April 6, 2018)

wood toy box josie carving 05

Feb 19, 2018: Below are the two sketches I’ve made to get the project started.

hand carved wooden toy boxes Josie Drawing

hand carved wooden toy boxes Leo DrawingPlease check back as I work on this project and post updates!

Here are the boxes I’ll be working on.  The toy boxes were built in Chester Nebraska by RJ Woods and are made of oak.

wooden toy box - hand made
The first step in the process is to take the design, print it out to scale and transfer it to the wood.  Here I am redrawing the design with tracing paper under the big sheet.

Carving a Wooden Toy Box - DesigningFeb 20, 2018: And now the designs are on the wood! 😀

wooden toy box carving drawn designFeb 28, 2018 – And the carving has begun! Here’s my progress after a few days of carving.  It’s taking me a little to get back into it, but it’s just like riding a bike. 

March 11, 2018: More carving to get the background set and start working on some detail. I decided to hand carve this area rather than use the router in my studio.

wood toy box carving 02March 15, 2018: Here’s a shot that shows a closer view of some of the detail in the leaves and palm tree.

wood-toy-box-josie-carving-03April 3, 2018: More progress to report on the wooden toy box!  I’ve worked my way from the right to the left and a lot wood removed (one little chip at a time).  It’s all starting to come together now and I’m excited to see more!  Thankfully, winter is staying in Nebraska for what seems like forever, so I’m enjoying my warm indoor studio time!

April 6, 2018: I am almost done with Josie the giraffe!  This photo (below) has darker shadows to show off the depth of the carving.

wood toy box josie carving 05




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One thought on “Hand Carved Wooden Toy Box Project

  1. Asif Shaikh

    Great Work Cindy!
    I came here after searching for top 100 art blogs where your blog was featured. I am eagerly waiting to see this work after completion. Thanks for sharing works with the Art Community.


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