I’ve only recently begun working with glass (although my first job was in an art glass shop on Pier 39 in San Francisco), but I have really enjoyed learning the many techniques and materials. Along with glass, I’m also exploring the worlds of enameling and cloisonné.

I’ve made a number of smaller pieces to learn some basic skills before I dove into a large project involving painted and fused glass. Here’s a look at the final piece:

Custom Glass Art by Cindy Chinn

The full piece measures about 5 feet (1.52m) across. The painted states are mounted on a large etched ‘map’ of glass. The lakes are made of fused glass. The work tells the story of the client’s great-grandmother’s journey through life and the history that surrounded her.

Here is a gallery showing the states in more detail.

I have a blog post which shows the progress of this project from start to finish – view it here. And here is a closer look at the states and the story written on each one.

Here are some more random pieces I’ve made as I explored “the world of glass”!