This is a large ceiling mural about 24′ x 27′ to fit over the dentist’s chairs.

Cindy had a public viewing of the finished mural in our gym for the locals (before it was rolled up and hand delivered and installed by us). It was a big success with about 50 people attending.

Everyone wants to go to Dr. Young’s office! (don’t tell them, but I think that they are too old!)

Below are the in Progress Photos

And the background has begun with the first 2 of 6 panels!

What are those rocks doing there, they weren’t in the design!?

Cindy must be getting carried away again …

Close up of the rocks that Cindy wasn’t suppose to paint

Now the rocks get some critters

…and a closer look at the critters.

And the net has been cast!

Finished Net and Floats

The Boat is almost finished…

Cindy jumps ship and starts the turtles-

Turtles take longer to paint than expected- Art thinks that Cindy needs to put those little brushes away!

The second turtle is finished!
Now that Cindy has found her little brushes again…

Art just doesn’t understand Cindy’s obsession to overwork a project!

…but I’m sure that Robert will be happy to keep her stocked with little brushes!

Coming all together now

Cindy finds…um, Cindy puts together the perfect dolphin picture!

the first dolphin is a breeze…

But the second doesn’t want to be a dolphin at all so they get into a fight!

Cindy wins and stamps a “done” sticker on the dolphins

Cindy can’t figure out why it takes SOOOOooooo long to paint bubbles…
Art thinks it’s because there are a bizillon of them.
Robert wants Cindy to add more!

A school of fish, about 70 of them… the dolphins look happy they have arrived!
(Everything looks really small now, next to the whale.)

With the Jellyfish finished, it’s time to clear coat. Completing the last panel!
Dr. Young say, “Geez! It’s about time!”

Jellyfish are cool! There is a thin layer of iridescent violet over these.

Image showing 5 of 6 panels connected.

And just like that – it’s installed! 😀

Underwater Ceiling Mural In S.C.

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