wine country mural

This is a project I worked on that involved redecorating and updating a leasing office for an apartment complex. We did the wall, a mural or two and a grand marble fountain. Vanguard just bought a new property that is in need some updating- Wilshire Village will soon be the Tuscany Village

The dull cream walls come to life with a wash of Tuscany colors and the white trim gets some black paint.

Leasing Office
Bas Relief

A new property map is carved in the studio of foam and plastered, then installed on the wall.  The color is added and a marble border- which still nedds to be grouted.  Also the street names and building numbers need to be painted in.
Bas Relief Map

The painted Tuscany mural gets starting… the grape vines are finished and waiting for install.  They are made of wire and wrapped permeated plaster gauze, then painted with arcylic paint. Realistic silk grape leaves and grapes are added for the full Tuscany illusion.
Grape & Village Mural

Office Interior

A lot of work was done in this room, the kitchen was taken out, networking added, new carpet, new textured walls and ceiling, and now… more color, some fancy desks and a layered window treatment that brings it all together.
Mike and Casey feel right at home!

Office Interior
Executive Office

Some photos of the finished mural with the ‘hand crafted’ grapevines:

Tuscan Mural
Tuscan Mural
Tuscan Mural

Vanguard Properties gets a Facelift

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