Large Metal Art for sale and Metal Animal Sculptures by Nebraska Artist Cindy Chinn

For the past few years, I’ve been kept busy creating metal art in various forms – mostly while using saws.  The past couple of months, I’ve been expanding my work to include larger “non-saw” pieces.  Although I have worked with metal and used a lot of techniques on my saws, I’m finding that there is a whole new world out there once I drop the saw out of the design.

Metal Art Bird Baths by Cindy Chinn

My first large metal artwork pieces were a series of bird baths (but they could also work as bird feeders.  I had a lot of fun finding the right scraps of metal in my shop to weld together.

Each one is unique and they all hold a common element of a plasma cut bird sitting about the bath.

As for the other parts, it’s a mix of automotive and agricultural based scrap metal.  Each one is steady enough and bottom heavy to hold up to the Nebraska weather (well, within reason!).

Here’s a gallery of the five bird baths:

Barnyard Portrait Series

Horse Head Profile Metal Art

Once I had these done, I wanted to make another smaller series, so I began by creating a Horse Head from spare parts.  This was another fun challenge and was pretty happy with the results.

This gave me the incentive to work on the next one (a cow) and that led to another (a pig) and now I’m in the shop making a chicken!

I am loving this series of “Barnyard Portraits” metal artwork and I might get carried away and make a complete menagerie before I’m done!

Check back for the latest updates and new work!

Large Metal Art and Barnyard Portraits
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