Life size Metal Peacock Sculpture

Some times I get crazy ideas, and this might be one of them! đŸ˜€ I am embarking on a huge project to create two life size metal peacock sculptures! I am building them out of a mix of media from copper, brass, wood, stainless steel and more. Each feather will be a separate piece and either painted, enameled, carved or otherwise formed to best serve the project.

I am working from a lot different reference material, but this image on the right shows the ultimate goal. I have always loved peacocks and have owned some (Indian Blues and Whites) in the past. The colors and form of these amazing birds is unmatched. My goal is to do them justice with my metal peacock sculpture.

Recent Photo: June 2020 – one complete wing!

Metal Peacock Sculpture wingby Cindy Chinn

Metal Peacock Sculpture – in Progress Photos

In the photo of the wing, you can see a mix of techniques. The top flight feathers are hand carved from padauk wood. Below them, the blue feathers are copper with a patina added in a fuming chamber. The dark feathers to the right are brass with a patina added, and the bottom feathers are brass with gun bluing adding for color. Each metal feather is cut and formed by hand.

How many tail feathers does a peacock have? About 150! That’s a lot of feathers to create one at a time. I’m using copper and cloisonnĂ© to get the colors and form I want. Below is an early photo showing the feather eyes in their first stage.

Metal Peacock Sculpture - Feather Eyes in Progress

You can the copper wire added and a first layer of enamel. The image below shows the same pieces with color enamel added.

Metal Peacock Sculpture - Feather Eyes in Progress

Here’s a more recent photo – I have enough done for one tail now! Now I just have build the rest of the feather!

Metal Peacock Sculpture - Feather Eyes in Progress

Here’s a photo of some of the ‘sword’ feathers that belong on the sides of the tail. These are made from copper, and then placed in a fuming chamber to add a patina.

Peacock Sculpture - Sword Feathers.  In progress art project

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