Gunfighter Mural for Movie Theatre

This mural is COMPLETE now!

I’ve been commissioned to design and paint a mural for a movie theatre!  I’m excited as I won’t be painting and underwater scene for a change.  😉

This mural will depict a movie production of a classic western featuring cowboys, a sunset backdrop, the Hollywood Hills, a downtown facade and a movie crew.

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Completed mural:

Hebron Majestic Theatre MuralIn progress: Cindy seems oblivious to the gunfight about to erupt!

Tombstone Gunfighter MuralHere’s how it started, with the sketch for the mural:

Majestic Theatre mural sketch

Majestic Theatre mural sketch

As usual, I start with the background and start painting in layers.  In this case I started with the clouds and then added the Hollywood Hills on top.

Majestic theatre mural background

Majestic theatre mural background

I know, it looks like a ski slope… it will be a building someday soon!DSCN6798

I blocked in the Hollywood sign so that i could get the landscape worked out- I’ll be adding details later, like the posts and frame work.

Hollywood Sign Mural

The hills are done and I’m ready to move on to new elements!

Hollywood sign mural


Western Theme Gunfight MuralWestern Theme Gunfight MuralThe Earp Brothers are done – and the lone gunfighter is almost finished.

Tombstone Gunfighter Mural



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