2nd 4′ Carved Church Pew

hand-carved-church-pew-feather-tnThis post will show the progress of a second pew that I am carving.  It is for the mother of the client that commissioned the first 4′ church pew that I carved.  See this page to check out the first one.  I want them to match in style, so I consider them a pair.

Follow this page for in progress photos and updates “as they happen”.  Click here for more photos.

Most Recent Image: (3/29/15) – COMPLETE!  I have the pew all back together, wired and ready to go!  I’ll be showing them locally this week before delivering them to their new homes on Easter.

Consider a custom pew such as this as a gift to your church or as a way to honor a member through a memorial fund.


Here are the other sections of the pew that I have already completed.  I have the sides carved and stained:

hand carved church pew feather end piecesAnd the bench has scripture carved into it and is ready to go!

hand carved church pew seatHere’s an overview of the back section – I still have a lot of work to do, and I’ll be adding a glass mosaic where the wood has been removed.

hand carved church pew 01 140121And here’s a closer look at the angel on the right showing some detail – I think I need some smaller chisels!

hand carved aangel close up unfinishedNow the second angel is coming together.  I’ve ordered some smaller chisels, but they won’t get here soon enough!

hand carved angel close up unfinished I’ve built up the area that will become the pillars on each side of the throne.  Here are some images showing the progress:

hand carved church pew 02 140127hand carved throne of grace unfinished 01hand carved angels close up unfinished 03And now a staircase has been added.

hand carved angel close up with stairsColumns are almost done – well the base and crowns are getting there.

hand carved ange church pew unfinished 05I’ve added another layer of wood for the second staircase and have half of it carved.

hand carved throne of grace unfinished 02And here’s a little closer view:

hand carved angel close up unfinished 06The carving is almost complete!  Here’s an image mockup showing the the stone columns in place.

hand carved church pew 03 140205Carving is done!  I’m ready to move on to finishing the stone columns, staining and the glass mosaic!

hand carved throne of grace unfinished 04Here’s a view of the stairs and angels from a different angle.

hand-carved-throne-of-grace-staircasehand carved angel close up at an angel 07hand carved throne of grace unfinished 03Stained and ready for clear coat – also one of the columns has been engraved.

Stained and one column is carvedI have all of the carving, staining and stone cutting done!  On to the mosaics!

hand carved church pew 07 150212grace column angels stained 01I have both pews in the workshop now.  I’m building the lightboxes for the back, making templates for the glass work, getting ready to cut plexiglass backs for the mosaics and then I can start the mosaics!!  😀

hand carved church pew assembled 01hand carved church pew assembled 02hand carved church pew assembled 03And now the glass mosaic has begun!

throne glass 01And a few more pieces get added…

throne glass 04And it’s complete!  Ready for grout and then final assembly!  😀

Glass Mosaic for Church Pew

9 thoughts on “2nd 4′ Carved Church Pew

  1. Garland Hundley

    You are amazinly talented. I wonder if you could do Christ on the cross or an angel. I met a street vender in Mexico who carved on pieces of rice!

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