Hand Carved Buffet Panel

Hand Carved Buffet Panel

carved-buffet-panel-tnOctober, 2014 – I have finished work on a hand carved panel that will be part of a custom built buffet for a family in Lincoln.  It’s a cherry panel that has a classic still life scene of food and table settings in it.   In the center is a bowl of fruit, on the left is grapes and wine glasses and on the right is a mix of corn (it is Nebraska, after all) and other foods and a stack of plates.

10/30/14 – Most Recent Photo (Click on any image to make it larger): 

Here is a mockup of the finished piece:

hand carved buffet cherry conceptI’ll be carving the cherry wood using the new tools that I picked up this summer.  😀

The first thing I needed to do was draw the design full size so that I could transfer it onto the wood panel.

hand carved buffet cherry compI taped this on top of the panel and then used carbon paper to get the design on the wood.  I made a couple of minor changes to fit the design better to the board.

Now to start carving!  I’m loving my new tools!  😀

hand carved buffet cherry carving 01I’ve roughed in along the bottom and LOVING these new tools – what a difference!  😀

hand carved buffet cherry carving 03hand carved buffet cherry carving 02I’ve got the bottom tablecloth close to done and have started carving out some of the table objects like the cutting board.

hand carved buffet cherry carving 04I’ve used a router to take out the bulk of the background, and now I’m starting on the wine glasses and wine bottle.

hand carved buffet cherry carving 06Some of the tools that I’m using (did I mention how much I LOVE my new chisels?)

tools of the tradeLast night (Sept 19) I continued working on the wine glasses, bottle and start to tackle some grapes.

hand carved buffet cherry carving 07I have most of the left side roughed in now – that’s a LOT of grapes! What was I thinking?? 😀

hand carved buffet cherry carving 07aAfter a short delay while I finished a small carving project I was back at it again.  I’ve got the bread roughed in making progress!

hand carved buffet cherry carving 09Now I have the bread almost complete!  It was great to finally get some final detail work done.

hand carved buffet cherry carvingTime to start on the center bowl!  It was a fun challenge getting the shape carved in.

hand carved buffet cherry carving 11While I wait for more router bits to arrive so that I can remove the bulk of the background, I added more detail to the grapes on the left side.

hand carved buffet cherry carving 12I’m having fun working on the leaves on the left side – still a long road ahead!

hand carved buffet cherry carving 13Lots of progress over the weekend!  I have some more background routed and more of the panel roughed in.  Moving right along!  😀

hand carved buffet cherry carving 14And here’s a little closer view of the area I worked on last night – still being roughed in.

hand carved buffet cherry carving 14aNow that I have the background cleared out, I feel like I’ve made a lot of progress.  Time to continue roughing in the shapes and then start finishing out some detail!

hand carved buffet cherry carving 15Started work on the cups and plates last night!

hand carved buffet cherry carving 16I’m having a lot fun working on these details and figuring out the depth of each element in the carving.  The watermelon and lemon are almost done and the oysters are coming along nicely.

hand carved buffet cherry carving 17… and here’s a little closer look (Click for larger):

all of the major carving has been completed, now I’m adding details and sanding… finishing little areas that I got bored with…
FullCarvingFruitCloseup CrabCloseup CarvingRightSideGetting a little closer each day!  Sanding out the details and watching it all come together.  😀

hand carved buffet cherry carving 19CarvingCloseUP-03 CarvingCloseUP-05 CarvingCloseUP-01 CarvingCloseUP-06 CarvingCloseUP-02 CarvingCloseUP-04 Wood Carving Final Image

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  1. Hand Carved Buffet Panel Richard Houtz

    Very Nice. What is the size of the two relief panels? How deep is the carving? I am inspired to try a still life.


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