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After completing the large 8 foot pew I showed in a few galleries locally and promoted it online. I haven't sold it.. yet - but it did lead to two commissions for other church pews.

After a client ordered her pew, her mother wanted one as well. I am working on the two pews together and designing them to match. These pews are still in progress and you can follow the work as they near completion on my blog.

Pew is 4 feet long, contstructed of a reclaimed oak church pew with a glass mosaic added in the background. The glass is backlit with a custom lightbox built on to the back of the pew.

Christ Pew - progress blog | Throne of Grace Pew - progress blog

Also check out my companion site:

Newspaper Article about the pews

Throne of Grace - back - Carved Church Pew

Carved Church Pew - Throne of God

Carved Church Pew - Throne of God

Carved Church Pew - Throne of God

Carved Church Pew - Throne of God



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