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I was commissioned to paint a mural for a new library as it was being built in a local community. The area was a curved reading alcove designed as a kids' space. After looking at the space and the usage, I came up with a fun design I called "Storytime".

Storytime tells the story of a bear reading a book to a gathering of woodland animals. I went with a very different style from how I would usually paint and wanted an 'old school story book' look to the mural.

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The panels are the side (bear and tree) were painted in the studio on canvas and then installed on site.

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The characters in the alcove were painted on site. I spent some time to try to smooth out the walls a little as the surface was not a true curve. Here is a 'flattened' view of the curved surface.

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The mural made a perfect background to the ribbon cutting ceremony.

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One of the keys to my design was to keep most of the characters at 'kid level' I envisioned them sitting on the steps while reading and surrounded by their woodland friends. After the dedication I was able to see how well this works.

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In the end a small Nebraska town has a wonderful new library to build their community around. I was very happy to be a small part of it and I met some wonderful people while working on this project.

Check out my blog page for this project so you can see all of the in progress photos and videos - and even download a coloring book with the mural characters!

My thanks go out to Jamie Luttrell for her assistance with this mural and to Art Whitton for continuing to photograph my artwork.

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