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For the past few years I have been busy in my welding studio creating a wide range of metal artwork. I've had a lot of fun exploring the many techniques available using a welder and a plasma torch. I've also worked with creating new patinas to get just the right look on a new piece.

This page shows a variety of work I've created using up-cycled tools and parts I have found on my never ending quest for "rusty gold".

I am available to work with with you on your unique commission, large or small. You can view more of my saws and other work on my new website, TheSawLady.com

Here is one of my larger pieces, which was installed in a master bedroom and shows the client's grandchildren looking for morel mushrooms (based on photos)

Copper and Brass  Wall Art by Cindy Chinn

But I am known for my saws, which I have shipped around the world. Here's a special design I made for Nebraska's 150th celebration:

Metal Saw Art by Cindy Chinn

I also enjoy working on large 'yard art' and signs. Here's a piece I made for a local family using some parts which were found on their farmstead.

Metal Sign Art by Cindy Chinn

I was commissioned to create a number of pieces for a resort in France. Part of the project was making signs to mark where visitors could see certain animals, like porcupines.

Metal Animal artwork by Cindy Chinn

I've had a lot of fun making a series of "Barnyard Portraits". I collect of odd metal parts and put them together in to create this fun work.

Metal barnyard portraits by Cindy Chinn

But sometimes I just start building something without a set goal. That's when I end up with a piece like this cool table top!

Metal Art Table Top by Cindy Chinn



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