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This was a project I did for the Tabitha Health Care Group in Lincoln Nebraska. The idea was to take a rocking chair and modify it. The group then auctioned them off at a fund raising event.

It took me a while to come up with a plan for this, but when I thought about the concept of a time out chair, the Time Machine part of just came naturally. I added 3 custom built timers for different sessions (or to be used in sequence). I hand carved the seat to give it a plush diamond-tuft upholstered look and used copper foil for high lights.

This was a popular item at the 'Rocktober' fund rasing event.


"Time Machine Time Out Chair"
Cindy Chinn
Wood Chair, metal, glass, copper foil, other materials.


Phase 5 Time Machine Guitar

Time_Machine_002-950 Time_Machine_001-950 Time_Machine_003-950 Time_Machine_004-950 TimeMachineFinal-950 Time_Machine_005-950





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