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I have seen a lot of really cool custom guitars online and always thought that it would be fun to build one. It was! :D

This project started it's life as a Stratocaster-like kit that I bought online. It was a little scary to take the body and cut in half, but that was the first step! After that I started adding bits and pieces to it and friends started suggesting small additions and giving little tokens to add.

There are 6 glass nodules that light up as the player gets better. When Phase 6 is achieved - time can shift (well that's the theory, nobody's been good enough to get to Phase 6 so far). Have a look through the slide show at the bottom to see some of the smaller details.

"Phase 6 Time Machine Guitar"
Cindy Chinn
Guitar kit, leather, copper, and well - just a little bit of everything.


Phase 5 Time Machine Guitar


guitar-10 guitar-11 guitar-12 guitar-13 guitar-14 guitar-15 guitar-16 guitar-01 guitar-02 guitar-03 guitar-04 guitar-05 guitar-06 guitar-07 guitar-08 guitar-09





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