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Pencil Lead Carving - Cindy Chinn

There's a lot of cool artwork that I see every day. I'll spend some time at the start of my day seeing what my 'Facebook Friends' are working on and what interesting things they are sharing. This exposes me to a lot of new mediums and techniques.

One medium that had always intrigued me is the art of carving pencil leads. I've always loved carving and sculpting. Seeing these tiny works of art created from a such a common item is fascinating!

I finally found some time and went to work. I bought some carpenter's pencils and tried a number of different subjects. Some worked better than others, and some were just a little too hard to get the detail I needed to pull off in such a small space.

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In December 2015, a photo of my first train pencil (below) carving went REALLY viral on Facebook and since that time, I've been known internationally as that 'pencil artist from Nebraska'.

In June 2016, I've had another pencil carving go viral across the internet. The "Elephant Pencil" has been shared across dozens of popular sites.

Here's a gallery of some of my work. I hope to continue with these as they're fun, popular and inspiring to many people. Contact me if you have any questions or would like to commission your own custom pencil carving!

This was the first one I carved (they got easier as I did more) - and it's the image that went viral.

Pencil Lead Carving by Cindy Chinn
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They look great in the custom stands that I make!

Pencil Lead Carving by Cindy Chinn
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Here is a gallery of my current Train Carvings - plus a bonus Cement Truck I carved as a commission for a client in the construction business.

White Line Express Carved Pencil TrainStanley Steamer Carved Pencil Train Viarco Run Carved Pencil Train Marvic Express Carved Pencil Train Aggie Express Carved Pencil Train Maple Line Carved Pencil Train Midwest Express Carved Pencil Train New-York Allied Carved Pencil Train Sullivan Express Carved Pencil Train Three Rivers Line Carved Pencil Train Viral Express Carved Pencil Train Wagner Rocket Carved Pencil Train Woodline Leader Carved Pencil Train Ripley Train Lenox Express Pencil Longbridge Special Pencil Cement Truck Carved Pencil

In 2019 I was invited by Disney Studios to record a short film about my carving.

But I carve more than just trains - I like to mix things up a little and most of these were commissioned pieces.

Elephant Family Carved Pencil Giraffe Family Carved Pencil Rapunzel Pencil Carving Pistols for Two Carved Pencil Beast Tractor Carved Pencil Dirt Bike Carved Pencil Easter Bunny Carved Pencil Baseball Mitt Carved Pencil Inside the Art Pencil Carving Peace Hand Carved Pencil Palm Tree Carved Pencil Red Candy Box Carved Pencil TREE Carved Pencil Dog Bust Carved Pencil Wood handle hammer Carved Pencil Chucks Carved Pencil Dolphin Carved Pencil Hammer Carved Pencil Saw  Carved Pencil jeweler hammer Carved Pencill Shamrock Carved Pencill

Here is a gallery of some of my other Pencil Lead Carvings. Contact me if you would like to commission a piece.

Pencil-Lead-Carving-01-Magnified Pencil-Lead-Carving-Converse-All-Star-01 Pencil Lead Carving Converse All-Star 02 Pencil-Lead-Carving-Converse-All-Star-03 Pencil-Lead-Carving-Hammer-01 Pencil-Lead-Carving-Hammer-02 Pencil-Lead-Carving-Hammer-03 Pencil-Lead-Carving-Hockey-Stick Pencil-Lead-Carving-Maple-Leaf-01 Pencil-Lead-Carving-Maple-Leaf-02 Pencil-Lead-Carving-Hammer-Wood-Handle

Lately I have starting carving crayons and colored pencils! I really enjoy working with the colors and other properties that they give me. When I first started down this path I had no idea how much versatility there was to work with!

Blue Flip Flop Crayon Carving White beach chair and Umbrella Crayon Carving Red Sunflower Crayon Carving Beach Ball and Umbrella Crayon Carving Sunflower 01 Crayon Carving White Beach Chair Yellow Umbrella Crayon Carving Magenta Flower Crayon Carving



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