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I love finding new ways to create wearable art. I've made a number of altered vests and jackets over the years, and now I'm finding that hats make a great base for a project. This started out as an older top hat, but after I added the birdcage and the mechanical moving bird, it all came together in to a fun, steam punk type piece.

I did all of the wiring and ended up hiding the batteries in the cracker tin at the bottom. The switch is on the side with a pull chain to turn the 'hat' on or off.
As for the name? That's the song title of the sheet music that lines the bottom of the cage.

"Doing the Bird Cage Walk Top Hat"
Cindy Chinn

Hat, wire bird cage, mechanical bird, polymer clay, feathers and other materials.

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Doin' the Bird Cage Walk Hat - 01


Photo Gallery:

birdcage walk switch side birdcage walk back side birdcage walk cracker tin birdcage walk front 01 birdcage-walk-front-950 birdcage walk front full birdcage walk front hat area birdcage walk full 01 birdcage walk switch side 02





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