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Hi everyone!

I have the different train pencils shown below.  I am giving people choices based on a “first ordered first selected” process. Click on an image below to view it larger.

Select your pencil and please email to let me know. –
You can select your pencil case here if you haven’t already.

Here are the choices;


New-York-Allied-No5-FRONT-1400-sig New-York-Allied-No5-FRONT-ENGINE-1400-sig New-York-Allied-No5-FRONT-TRESTLE-1400-sigBack:
New-York-Allied-No5-BACK-ENGINE-1400-sig New-York-Allied-No5-BACK-TRESTLE-1400-sig

3 thoughts on “Pencil Train Selection Options – Cindy Chinn

  1. Craig Wimbledon.

    Hi cindy.

    Could I order the Sullivan express and Wagner rocket to be placed in the Verne black with green and the Shelley in black with white. Trains to be mounted whichever way you see fit.

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