Monster Garage meets Jules Vernes, Steampunk Toilet

Custom art faux industrial toiletIn a Private Collection-

April 22, 2012
Standard Porcelain Toliet

Sometimes a white toilet in a fancy bathroom just stands out too much! So you add a few objects and paint it up to match the other metal pieces in the room.

Enjoy the in-progress photos.

Starting with your basic white toilet, some cut off bolt heads, epoxy clay, chalking, metallic paints, and some creativity…











7 thoughts on “Monster Garage meets Jules Vernes, Steampunk Toilet

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  2. Nehwon Kiepea

    WOW! Love it. I’m going for an industrial look for my home and would like to play off what you did here.

    How did you do the faux diamond plate and lines going across the toilet tank?

  3. Christopher Busch

    Nice. I got my first tiny home with a tiny bathroom and a even tinier toilet. Soon im going to buy a black elongated toilet upgrade but want to match it to my steampunk bathroom which has galvanized and painted steel pipes i did myself for the towel rack, toilet paper and a shelf. So to complete it thinking a daek wood toilet seat with brass bolt heads. I want to do the toilet similar to yours wherd the drain is painted a different color. I wonder, did you just straight up paint the drain pipe or did you coat it and paint it? Also, for msking it look like it has sections on the drain pipe did you cut half circles or mold it? Just wondering what material exactly you used. Nice job. Cheers.

    1. Cindy Chinn Post author

      Steampunk Bathroom, NICE!!!! you can’t just use a standard white toilet!
      I used epoxy clay for the extras… except the bolts are real. You need to scuff the surface- degloss it- use a good primer- then you can paint it with about just anything. IF YOU CAN SCRATCH THE PRIMER OFF… it won’t work and you will need to find a different primer or sand it better. Seal it well with a hard clear coat after you are finished.

      Good luck with your project!!!

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