Metal Art for Animal Park in France

This page shows some recent (2019) work that I have been creating for a client in France! It’s been a big project, with a wide range of needs for various signs and markers to be used throughout a zoological park (Parc Animalier de Sainte-Croix).

The first item I made was 30 saws using my “Bear at the Cabin” design, but I used their lodge in the design. A lot of trees went into these saws! These will be used for decoration in the new lodges as well as for sale in their gift shop.

Bears at the Lodge - Metal Art by Cindy Chinn

While I was at it, I also made some custom gift saws for the designs who commissioned my work. These are variations of the bear saws.

Once I got those out of the way, I began work on eight animal themed saw blades to be used as markers for specific areas in their new habitats.

These ones took a while, but were a LOT of fun to build! The next phase was a little simpler with just text cut into a blade. I made 3 signs for specific areas of the park.

Then it was time for something a little different, this is a two sided sign for their new restaurant.

The sign below is 6 feet long (2m) and made from wood which used to be a bleacher seat at our town’s ball field (yes, I was allowed to take it).

This sign “La Fuste” will be a marker for an area with a small lodge near a lake.

The next sign is to be used outside a workshop in the woods. It has a great rustic look to make it seem ageless.

And below is the last piece I made for them – it’s a logo sign hand cut with a plasma torch, and a steel rod bent for the moon.

2 thoughts on “Metal Art for Animal Park in France

  1. Sally Singer

    Love them all, but the porcupine is still one of my favorites. However, it now has heavy competition from the restaurant and woodshop signs. I also love that you are sending an old piece of our little town (the bleacher wood) to your new international friends.


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