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Train Pencil Carving in Progress

Three-Rivers-Line-No6-ANGLEDI’m putting on the finishing touches of a new series of ‘train pencils‘.  In the meantime, I thought that I would show you some of the in progress photos I’ve taken along the way.

As I’ve stated before, I don’t carve the trains and the tracks directly out of the pencil in one shot.  This would just be impossible and frustrating – as one chip after hours of carving can cause me to start over.  I carve the engines separately and then mount them on the rails (pencil leads) and carve the later trestles and cars from the pencil. Continue reading

Public Library in Deshler Mural

Libary MuralI have been commissioned to paint a mural for the new Public Library in Deshler in Nebraska.  The area I’m painting is a reading alcove for the kids, so I designed a fun, bright scene with a ‘storybook’ look to it.  The style for this library mural is different from my usual work, but so far it’s been a lot of fun!

Click on any image below to view larger!

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Glass Mosaic – Unique Converse Chuck Taylors

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Glass MosaicI’ve been wearing ‘Chucks’ (Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star sneakers) for a long time.  But it wasn’t until recently that I looked at them as a subject for my art work.  It started with a pencil carving – a 1/8″ tall sneaker carved from a pencil lead.

This project is a 12″ x 20″ (30cm x 50cm) glass mosaic mounted on 1/4″ plexiglass.  It’s been a long process working on this as I’ve taken a lot of time to select the best colors and textures for each area of the design. Continue reading

2nd 4′ Carved Church Pew

hand-carved-church-pew-feather-tnThis post will show the progress of a second pew that I am carving.  It is for the mother of the client that commissioned the first 4′ church pew that I carved.  See this page to check out the first one.  I want them to match in style, so I consider them a pair.

Follow this page for in progress photos and updates “as they happen”.  Click here for more photos.
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4′ Hand Carved Church Pew

carved-pew-tnI’ve been commissioned to create two hand carved church pews.  The first pew is based on the scripture, “by His stripes we are healed”.  The second will be designed around, “come boldly unto the throne of grace”.  Both will be four feet long and feature custom hand carved wood with glass mosaics.

Consider a custom pew such as this as a gift to your church or as a way to honor a member through a memorial fund.

Keep reading to see the in progress photos as I work through these pews.  Click to view the in progress photos and more!
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Hand Carved Buffet Panel

carved-buffet-panel-tnOctober, 2014 – I have finished work on a hand carved panel that will be part of a custom built buffet for a family in Lincoln.  It’s a cherry panel that has a classic still life scene of food and table settings in it.   In the center is a bowl of fruit, on the left is grapes and wine glasses and on the right is a mix of corn (it is Nebraska, after all) and other foods and a stack of plates. Continue reading

The Making of the Melt-O-Matic 1000

DSCN6921_resizeIn college, I majored in Sculpture and minored in Jewelry… I started out with a minor in Logic but that just didn’t make any sense to me. Casting metal was a huge part of my curriculum, I loved melting metal and pouring it, seeing the sparks fly as the molten metal burned out the mold! Recently I saw an article about a group that made a portable furnace and goes to neighborhoods, collects discard aluminum and casts it into works of art using sand molds. How Cool is That!?

An old fire in me was sparked and the Melt-O-Matic was born. Continue reading

CHKD- Underwater Ceiling Mural

Project is COMPLETE!

17′ x 50′ Ceiling Mural, done on Tara-Cloth (a light weight poly-fiber canvas that resists stretching) each panel is 18’x 52″ and there are 11.5 in total. I paint two at a time, adhering them to the wall with a watered down wall paper paste mixture so that they are easy to remove. Once the two are completed, I take them both down and move the bottom canvas to the top and add a blank canvas on the bottom, this allows me to exactly match them as I go.

Also, I should mention that the colors are not going to be accurate, the camera hates to shoot blues and greens and there is a color shift between the two panels because the top panel is already clear coated and reflects light differently, they match up perfectly.

Final Update (November 2013)

Installed Mural

Installed Mural

The Mural is installed at CHKD and waiting for a final clear coat to even out the sheen.  Our thanks to the install team and many others that made this project happen.

It was a long project but in the end, the kids coming into the hospital will have a great distraction to keep their minds off of their illness or surgery or other medical problems.

We hope to have some more photos posted when the new lighting is installed and the final clear coat is sprayed.

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