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New Studio for Glass Art

Glass Art Studio - Cindy Chinn, Nebraska Artist

I’ve had a studio upstairs for working on the odd glass project, but this spring (2019), I’ve put together one on the main floor exclusively for Glass Art. I’ve always enjoyed working with glass, and have a large project to work on this summer, that combines a few ways of working with glass. If you’ve followed my work over the years, you should know that I love to mix-and-match my techniques and my media (like added stained glass to a wood carving).

I’ve been trying new techniques that involve painting on glass, fusing glass, slumping glass and many variations of them all. I’ve been adding copper foil and gold leaf to the fusing process as well.

I found that painting glass took some practice as the paint flows much differently than the acrylic I’m used to. I also had to consider the transparent aspects of the piece. With some of them I fused a white piece behind the painting, or added a small copper plate to it. But the possibilities are ENDLESS! 😀

I’ve also been doing some ‘torch work’, which involves heating glass up over a hot flame and forming it into shapes, as well as fusing other colors to it. This is the technique I’ve used to make the eyes for my ‘barnyard portraits‘. It took quite a few practice runs to get the colors and shapes for the eyes I needed and then have not crack during the cooling off process. Glass art requires more patience than I am usually used to (and this is from someone who carves pencils!!) 😀 Here’s a shot of me in my temporary glass art studio (aka the wood working shop).

Fusing glass has been fun. I’ve made a few small pieces of glass art so far, and am planning bigger ones soon. Much of the fused work will later be ‘slumped’, which is when I take flat piece of glass and melt it into a shaped mold, like a dish or plate. Of course, this involves one kiln session for the fusing and a second session for the slumping (each load takes about 24 hours) – again my patience!!! 😀

In the two fused glass art project shown above, I used some ‘stringers’, which are long thin spaghetti-like glass rods that I pulled from the bottom of a hot kiln. It’s a fascinating process, which again offers many possibilities. Below is a short edit of a video I made for a ‘Facebook live’ session which shows my pulling the molten glass from the bottom of a kiln.

I’ll have some more updates on this page as I work through more techniques, so check back!

Cindy Chinn Artwork Video

When people ask me, “What do you do?” – I usually pause and say, “I’m an artist”. Then they ask what medium I work in…. and that’s usually when I have to bring out my phone and start showing photos. 😀
Here’s a video I put together to help explain “What it is that I do”.


Custom Wood Carving Portrait of a Pilot

Custom Wood Carving Portrait by Cindy Chinn

This project has been a long time in the making.  It began when I registered for a woodcarving workshop and signed up for a ‘log carving’ class.  I really wanted to learn some tips about carving in 3D and wondered what might make the best subject for the class, other than the standard Santa or Indian. I ended up deciding to make a custom wood carving portrait of my grand uncle, Alton.

I worked from an old photo that I loved, taken while he was a US Navy pilot in World War II.  I knew it would be a little challenging to create a 3D model from an old black and white photo, but then I do like to challenge myself!

With it being during my birthday, I bought myself a present and signed up for the week long course at the Mid-America Woodcarvers Association’s “Doane Experience” hosted in Crete Nebraska.  The Log Carving class was led by James Barr. Continue reading

New Metal Art – Motorcycle Saw

Custom metal art by Cindy ChinnI recently completed a custom order for a client who asked for “a guy on a bike being chased by dogs”.  We went back and forth with various ideas and she decided to pay a little more a custom 3D bike to be added to the saw.  This was a fun challenge, but turned out great!  I can’t wait to hear from client about how this special gift went over.  😀 Continue reading

Log Carving Portrait

In July 2016, I treated myself to a birthday present of a week long workshop in woodcarving.  This event was hosted by the Mid-America Woodcarvers.  They had quite a few options for workshops, but I decided on Basswood log carving so I could try a large 3D project.  James Barr taught the Mallet Carving class and through him I got to see just how fast a real log carver can work when he has the experience!

For my project I chose to do a portrait of a pilot.  I can’t say who it is just yet as it will be a gift next year.  Click any image below to view it larger. Continue reading

Hand Carved Church Pews

Healing-Pew-01a-jesus-close-tnI know a lot people come here to see more my tiny carved pencils, but I thought it might fun to show some other carvings I have done on a larger scale.  I’m a visual artist and love to work in a wide range of media.  I also love to combine different media to create something truly unique.

The first church pew I carved was eight feet long and included a back-lit stained glass piece.  It took me over 700 hours during a long Nebraska winter.  (I still have it for sale, by the way)

Continue reading

The Steampunk Clock Anniversary Gift

Anniversary-Gear-Steampunk-Clock-tn-150I love it when a client commissions a piece, gives me a few guidelines and then lets me run with it.  As most clients don’t know my full skill set (sometimes I don’t either!) they don’t know what I’ll create.  In this case, the client wanted an anniversary gift for her parents who were kind of into steampunk and liked the gear motif.  With a budget in place, my mind wandered to my collection of odds and ends and a plan started to come together. Continue reading