Monthly Archives: December 2019

Carved Pencil for Disney!

In August I was contacted by Disney to be featured as part of their “Disney Arts” series. They were featuring artists who create work in very different mediums. I was asked to carve the character Rapunzel from the movie “Tangled”. I also carved her trusty sidekick chameleon ‘Pascal”.

I began carving at home and made one complete carving, then 2 more in various stages of completion. When I was in the studio, I could work on them and let the magic of video editing put the story together. I had a great time in Los Angeles and spend a full day in the studio.

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Metal Art Show in Doha

Metal Art Show in Doha Qatar - 2019

In 2019 I was invited to exhibit in a Scrap Metal Art Show in Doha Qatar. I was one of 3 American artists out of the 30 international artists who were invited. It was an amazing opportunity and an even great experience!

I first received the invitation in late summer and honestly wasn’t sure how legitimate is was (many artists felt the same!), but after talking to my contact, I jumped on board and started making specific work for the show. I decided on Arabic themed metal art, specifically designs that would appeal to Qatar natives such as camels, oryxes and falcons. I took five large pieces and also some smaller pieces to sell at the show’s ‘bazaar’. I spent two weeks in Doha while the show ran and met a lot of new friends and talked to thousands of people at the show.

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