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Fun Sized Art

Maybe it was the work I did on the church pew that had led me to doing some miniature artwork, but I’m getting out the small brushes (ok, shaved toothpicks) and painting some very small work.  I’m creating these tiny pieces and putting them in glass vials and attaching them to necklaces.

I’ve also painted a small goat painting for inclusion in the Miniature Show at the Prairie Winds Art Center (Grand Island, NE)

Click an image for a larger view.

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Let me know what you think!

Hand Carved Crucifixion Scene on Pew – Complete

Hand carved church pew christAvailable for Purchase – Info
This is a project that involved a lot of my different skills as an artist.  The majority of the time I was hand carving the oak wood with chisels, but I also created my largest stained glass piece to date for the back of the pew.

Total time on the project was just over 3 months.  I estimate that I have about 700-800 hours into it.  I enjoyed every phase of this from the design, to the carving, the glass work, the wiring and finally the staining and finishing.  Seeing an older weathered pew gain new life was very satisfying.  Here is a link that shows the progress from start to finish. Continue reading

Custom Time Machine Guitar

Time Machine GuitarAfter seeing a number of customized guitars and steampunk guitars online, I decided that I needed to make one myself.  This was a fun project as I was able to use a lot of different mediums and challenge the range of my skill set.

I bought a kit online for a Fender Stratocaster-like guitar.  The first thing I did was cut the body in half!  😀  I was committed now!

From there I started looking around to see what I had to work with and add to the guitar.  I used an old pair of suede shorts to cover part of the body.  I used an old leather purse to cover the rest.  I built a copper and glass structure to use for the time machine meter that was added to the part of the body that was cut way.  I built a custom whammy bar from copper pipe.  I added a medallion, a sculpted face and other parts that friends donated.  There’s just too much to mention, but I had a blast finding parts to re-purpose.

Have a look at the gallery below of the “Phase 6 Time Machine Guitar