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Dive Tank Mural

Underwater PaintingI’ve painted on a lot of surfaces over the years, but I was in for a new experience when I received a call from the United Brotherhood of Carpenters.

It turned out they had a new Diving Tank to be installed to be used for training underwater welding.  They wanted a mural to show the underwater welding process so that it could be viewed through portholes when training was not in session.

Of course I said, “Sure, I can do that” – then I started investigating what would be needed.  The tank is fiberglass, and would be filled with fresh water, but the paint would have to withstand the cleaning, the pool chemicals and of course, the gases used in the welding process.  This wouldn’t be my usual paint! Continue reading

CHKD- Underwater Ceiling Mural

Project is COMPLETE!

17′ x 50′ Ceiling Mural, done on Tara-Cloth (a light weight poly-fiber canvas that resists stretching) each panel is 18’x 52″ and there are 11.5 in total. I paint two at a time, adhering them to the wall with a watered down wall paper paste mixture so that they are easy to remove. Once the two are completed, I take them both down and move the bottom canvas to the top and add a blank canvas on the bottom, this allows me to exactly match them as I go.

Also, I should mention that the colors are not going to be accurate, the camera hates to shoot blues and greens and there is a color shift between the two panels because the top panel is already clear coated and reflects light differently, they match up perfectly.

Final Update (November 2013)

Installed Mural

Installed Mural

The Mural is installed at CHKD and waiting for a final clear coat to even out the sheen.  Our thanks to the install team and many others that made this project happen.

It was a long project but in the end, the kids coming into the hospital will have a great distraction to keep their minds off of their illness or surgery or other medical problems.

We hope to have some more photos posted when the new lighting is installed and the final clear coat is sprayed.

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